Thursday, February 11, 2010

Changing of the Guard!!

Hello Everyone!

I have officially taken over this blog. Sorry you will no longer get the matter of fact, eloquent, political posts you once got with Mike. I am much less proper and way more emotional than Mike. But hopefully I can find more time to update this more often.

So to update you all. We now have a house in San Antonio! We actually have a moving date. Well here's to hoping this was all just a dream and would go away. Can I just say that I am so scared to leave the support of my friends and family not to mention clean 3.5 bathrooms! I am however looking forward to the weather and new opportunities for our family. Praying that everyone comes to visit and I will probably be counting down the days until July when we fly back home.

When you have a child with special needs it is scary to lose your support network. I have the greatest family and some awesome friends. Its so nice to just make a call and get a break if I need it or have a friend to just hang out with and get away for an evening. I truly believe sometimes getting away makes me a better mom. Time to refresh and just get a little girl talk and of course dessert is usually involved. Now I know I will make new friends and establish a new support network we have already met some really nice people. It's just really hard to leave your mom and your sister when you are a woman. Mike and Hayden are probably going to breeze through this transition its me that's going to have the hard

Any way hope you don't mind the changing of the guard to much!!