Monday, April 26, 2010

There was a lizard on my front porch!!

Yep you read it right we were visited by a really cute lizard. I say cute cause it was tiny and did not run across my foot. Otherwise it would have been a dead lizard!

My mom is in town right now!! So exciting she is helping us decorate the house. Hayden is so happy to have her here. He was so excited when he realized day two she was still here.

We finally got Hayden his swing set. Mike is in the process of putting it up. It will accommodate his therapy plat form swing and the Ikea soft swing! Yay!!! We opted for a papasan chair in his room because of renting and lack of support in the ceiling we couldn't hang up the other swing. We have just recently learned how much the boy loves trampolines. We knew he loved to jump but he would always just watch other people jump on a trampoline. Not any more!! They had one set up at the play scape store. He went right to it and started jumping all by himself. That will be our next purchase. Side note: I think I want my own papasan is that comfy!

Texas is beautiful but it just doesn't feel like home...its been really hard to meet people. I all but had to give a blood sample to join a moms group and then found out it really wasn't for me. The kids were too young for Hayden. I guess I was pretty spoiled when on the first week of preschool in Harper Woods I met two moms and we are still friends. I would give anything to be able to be back at our play group again. I miss that socialization so much. Ohhh what I wouldn't give for a coffee night or applesbees with a friend. Ok no more talk about that..tearing up! Ok so its not all bad I have been out with Deanna for a girls day and we had a blast. Thank God for Deanna! I'll get there...right? I'm nice...I'll meet

On the up side Hayden is really doing great in school. I have no issues at all with him going in the class room. He goes to the library every week...not sure he's real quiet in there but he goes. When I pick him up from school you can hear him talking the whole way down the hall. "Mamma see Baylee!" Here are some of of Hayden's new phrases..."Dude" (yep daddy taught him that one)... "Mommy not nice"..."That is not ok"...."how about?" (He looks int he fridge and say "How about...."


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Texas up date!

Most of you will be getting this letter in the mail with our change of address cards..yep I cheated but this pretty much sums it up for now. I did add a little bit to it so its not the same. I'll give you more next week...promise!

First of all we want to start by saying thank you so much to everyone who came to our going away party. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends. What a great night. I hope you all had a great time. We would also like to thank everyone for your love and support with our move. Your encouragement has meant the world to us.

Our first few weeks in Texas:

Hayden has had some adjustment issues. We have had to add a lot more sensory into his day. Everyday seems to be getting better the more we fall into our new routine. However the 5:30 wake up has not been fun (mostly for Mike). On the plus side we are getting naps again. His new school is great we love his teacher. The great thing about this district is that they really include special needs children with the general ed. It’s been great. Hayden attended his first pep rally and sat on the gym floor for over an hour and just watched what was going on. Next week he will be participating in preschool special Olympics. His new thing is the “freeze” game. He makes us do all these things (stand up, jump, sit) then we have to freeze. He puts his hands out and says “freeze” it’s so cute. He is talking a ton and we are getting some full sentences it’s been really exciting.

Mike: loves his new office. He comes home in a great mood everyday. He loves that you can get tacos from a trailer at midnight in the AutoZone parking lot. Every guys dream! He just replaced whitey runs with taco runs! When in Rome..

Tina: The weather has been great, a little muggy (dry heat yeah right) but great. We’re outside most days. There is so much to do. The shopping is tremendous…drool worthy really. It’s been great therapy! Bugs have not been much of a problem so far. Everyone has me so freaked out I can’t look at a fuzz without thinking it’s a bug. I do really miss biggby coffee…haven’t found anything like it here yet.

Baylee: Loves the weather and how many walks we go on now.

ZoĆ«: Had a rough time at first. She stayed in her carrier for the first 2 days and wouldn’t come out. Then it took her a while before she would come out of the closet. She’s fine now and acting like a princess again.

Our new house is great! We are all getting a nice workout from the stairs!

The coolest thing in San Antonio (besides the Makris family of course) is by far Morgan’s Wonderland! Morgan’s Wonderland is a special needs amusement park, the only one in the world. We took Hayden and he loved it! His favorite things were the slides with rollers, sensory room and water guns. Everything is designed with Children with Special Needs in mind. Everything is wheel chair accessible and they only allow so many people into the park so that it is not too overwhelming. The best part is Hayden gets in free and anybody who comes with him only pays $5!

Thank you for all of your calls, emails, FB posts, texts, and cards over the last few weeks. They mean a lot to us and we appreciate them.
From the bottom of our hearts we love and miss everyone so much! We’ll see you in July! Feel free to come and stay any time, we’ve got the room!