Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How do you know when....

How do you know when it time to limit the electronic time in your house? Let me just help you all with that...It's time to limit the electronic use in your house when this happens:

Hayden from the upstairs bathroom is screaming "mommy, MOOOOOMMMMM, Mommmmmy,". I because I am a rock star super mom, drop what I am doing (making an apple pie) and go running up the stairs to see what is about to eat or kill my child. He then looks down at his pants and underwear around his ankles and says "put pants up please". Now why could the boy not pull up his own pants and underwear you might ask....Let me just tell you, he did not want to put down the ipad. Yep the boy did not want to put DOWN the ipad!!!! Whats worse is I actually pulled up his pants. HELLLOO rock star super mom what were you thinking?? Um, hello he said please. Okay so I wasn't making an apple pie but the rest of the story is true.

Sooo it's time we start limiting the electronic use in the Makris household.

It's not gonna be easy. Look at that face!!!

How do you know when you need a break? I mean a real break...not the go to the grocery store or go by yourself to the doctor kind of break, but a real break? The kind of break where you know if you don't get away soon for a decent amount of time you are going to have a nervous breakdown break? You need that kind of break when this happens....

You have just found out for the fourth time in one month that you are not going to get a baby they matched you with. You then find yourself talking to yourself in the mirror and you actually answer yourself. When you actually tell you that you are wrong and that you don't deserve what you are asking for. Then you start plotting with yourself elaborate schemes to get what you want. Even the me responding at some point thought I was nuts. I'll admit that I tend to talk to myself often but this still freaks me out a bit. Desperation and stress make you think and do weird things.

How do you know that you have married the right man? You know you have married the right man when this happens...

You are cooking burger and bashing it like a lunatic while sobbing and repeating the phrase "I don't think I can do this any more", over and over again. First you think why is he not hugging me? Why is not coming close to me. Who wouldn't want to hug a sobbing meat bashing woman? Really, I do not understand men. Then after you have successfully killed the cow for the second time, you turn around, look at him and say "what are you thinking?" He then says one phrase, just one sentence "maybe God is not ready for us to take care of another baby until we take care of ourselves". Your first instinct is to bash him over and over again with your meat basher. Then in that next second you realize he is absolutely right (hate it when that happens) and you really needed to hear what he has just said. You needed that wake up call, for once you needed to hear that more than you needed a hug. FYI I do have a meat basher it is really awesome got it from pampered chef...I'm pretty sure that's what its called too ;)

Yeah I think I married the right man...

I do not recommend the second two scenarios in the same day. That is just too much realization for one day. I like my ah ha moments to be a little spaced out thank you very much!

Sooo what are we doing about all this realization that is taking place in the Makris household? The first situation happend today so I will wean the boy slowing off the addicting Ipad. As for the last two I went to Michigan by myself for my birthday and took that much needed break. I stayed up late, slept in late, ate seriously good food and had a bunch of much needed family and friend time. I got time with my niece and nephew and didn't have to share them with anybody! The last situation well I can honestly say I am taking care of myself and my family. I am exercising, staying positive, organizing and actually cooking again. Go me I'm a rock star super mom. Hey, Where did I put that cape?

Love you all,