Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August Update

Typically I would send an email out to everyone we know with updates on Hayden and things going on in our lives. Now that I'm a "blogger" I'm going to post those updates here.

So whats been going on? Well one big change in our lives is our eating habits. Tina has done a ton of research about gluten free diets and organic diets and all the chemicals we put in our bodies that come from our food and the effect they are having on us. Well through her research she suggested that we try going to an organic diet - at least for Hayden. I'll admit I was skeptical - but boy was I wrong. Has he started talking full sentences - no - but the progress he has made since we went to organic in just the sounds he makes and his comprehension has been remarkable. He hasn't lost any of the words or sounds he has learned - when in the past he would learn Dada for instance but a few weeks later it was gone. Now he just babbles like crazy which is light years ahead of where we were.

I will say though - organic is expensive. Not so much with condiments and all the stuff you buy just once in a while to keep in the house - spices, canned goods, etc - but meat is crazy expensive. I can get boneless skinless chicken breasts at our local meat market for a bulk price of $1.99 per lb. Buying it organic takes the price to about $8 or $9 per lb. We've really liked going to Whole Foods Market - but there are only two in the area - and they are about a 30 minute drive. One is right near my office - so I'm able to go at lunch now and then to pick up stuff. I tell everyone this - but organic food really tastes better - I was actually very suprised. It has been good not only for Hayden but for Tina and I as well.

Another new thing coming up is that Hayden is starting school on September 3rd. Our school district has started a brand new ECDD Program (Early Childhood Developmental Delay) at the school 6 houses away from us. The Special Ed Director invited Tina to be on the hiring committee for the new teacher which she was very honored to be part of.
We have already bought him a Little Einsteins backpack and I've taken the day off so we can film the whole thing. He will be going 5 days a week for 2 1/2 hours - so it will be a big adjustment to Tina's daily schedule. Alot of new free time - but I'm sure she will really miss him.

Other than that - not too much more going on. My sister and my sister-in-law are both due to have babies towards the end of August. We are looking forward to being Aunts and Uncles again. We pray everyday for them for smooth births and beautiful healthy babies (my sister is having a girl and the other one will be a suprise).

I will sign off with a saying my wife put up on a chalk board in our house:

See your child before you see the disability. This is a child who has more to offer than you ever imagined. This is a child who will teach you more than you ever learned in school. This is a child who will bring out the kind of love in you that you never knew you had.

Amen to that - God Bless - Mike

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