Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fragile X Awareness Day

Today, July 22nd 2009, is Fragile X Awareness Day.

If you read this blog or know me - you know how Fragile X has affected my family. But it's just not my family - it's hundreds of thousands around this great country of ours.

Please visit or to learn more about Fragile X and how you can help support research to find a cure.

Tina, Hayden, and I are blessed with the most amazing family and friends. In the past, almost two years, since we received our diagnosis the support and prayers we received is absolutely amazing.

We've learned alot about what Fragile X is, why it has affected us, what we can do to treat it - and I think back and remember asking myself - why me? why us? I know someday I will get that answer. I also know that I need to make the best of everything that comes my (our) way - and I realize everyday how amazing of a blessing Hayden has been into my life.

Sometimes it crosses into my mind "if I only knew ahead of time".....but what if I did know ahead of time....Hayden would never have been a part of my life. So many amazing people I have met would not be part of my life. The person I have become, the strengths I have developed, the passion in my heart that I have would not be part of my life.

It's a struggle, not everyday, but it is a struggle and I know I am blessed to not have some of the struggles so many others do. But I don't regret my life, I don't wish it away, I wouldn't change a thing - because I wouldn't want to not know Hayden.

On National Fragile X Awareness day I have had so many emotions run through me. I really can't explain any of them. I'm actually having a hard time finishing this post - which if you know me, I'm not one to shy away from talking or writing.............

............. God Bless !

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