Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holding on to Hope

Dearest Family & Friends -

As you know about 7 weeks ago we were placed with our little blue cupcake "Ponch". It has been an incredible 7 weeks. For those 7 weeks our prayers had been answered.

Well - we are needing some additional prayers now. Over the past few days we have learned of another family who had also submitted a home study on his behalf. They are a friend of the family and in the courts eyes are up there next to kin. Their home study was approved and barring any divine intervention "Ponch" will be placed with them.

We don't have much in the way of legal or actual rights to alter the decision that has been made. We have contacted a few people to let them know our thoughts and intentions - but it is out of our hands and in His.

Hope.....that's pretty much what we have now. Hope that our prayers are answered. It is going to be a long and difficult time till Tuesday as we wait to learn what will finally happen. We know that regardless of the outcome, our family has been blessed to have "Ponch" be part of it.

Please understand if phone calls or emails aren't returned right away. As a family, all 4 of us, we are going to push through these next few days together......and Hope.

God Bless
Mike, Tina, Hayden and "Ponch"


Rachelle said...

I love you!

Holly Roos said...

Love you all so very much. I am praying.