Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where are your pants?

"Hayden Michael where are your pants?" This has been the most commonly used phrase in our house this weekend. I mean really it's a borderline epidemic. I do not understand why the boy doesn't like pants. I have scary visions of him being "that kid" with the pants hanging down to his knees in the ten years. I'm sure it's sensory related...blah blah. White trash with cash came to mind several times this weekend. I am sure our neighbors were looking out their windows and wondering what kind of trash lets their kid run around in the front yard with only his football boxer's and a tee shirt? Yep that be us white trash with cash. Southgang anyone? Extra points for anyone who knows what I am talking about. A bit of 80's hair band trivia. As if a little boy running around in his underwear isn't bad enough, Mike is grilling last night and I look out and he is wearing socks with his sandals. You know the look that brings fear into the hearts of wives everywhere and then is immediately followed by the "please tell me you didn't just go to the store like that" thought. Mean while I am trying to kick my style up a notch thank you to pinterest. Not that I need it cause standing next to them I am one hot fashionista. Thank goodness they are both super cute or we'd be in trouble. I've spent a lot of time on pinterest. I am a newbie to it so it's what should be expected...duh. I am convinced you are not cool unless you pair everything with a scarf. I have been wearing scarfs I have been 1/3 cool forever..right? I have also learned from pinterest that I need more structured purses. You know the kind that don't fall in on uncool!

Public Service Portion of the blog (intended only for Mike Makris)

Mike "innocent batting of my eyelashes" You want me to be cool right? You want me to fit in with the cool moms right? Well I am telling you now that I will be making a few purse purchases over the next 6 months so that I can be cool and fit in at the local Starbucks and Target and Wholefoods. Oh and they will be in a solid really cool colors that will only go with one shirt hence the reason I will need several. Don't even get me started on the jean budget I am going to need. It's really for you Mike Makris and our little boy. You don't want to be seen with a uncool wife and Hayden sure can't be seen with an uncool mom. I mean how can I compete with your socks and sandals and his football underwear if I don't have a few of these basic cool mom necessaries? Really I don't even know how you can even come up with an argument so don't even try. Just give in to the pure logic that is presented to you. Don't make me bat my lashing again.

Hayden is still in the STX209 trial. We are seeing a big FAT Nothing!!! Except a crazy hyper boy about 20 minutes after he takes the pill. I am going to just put it out in the open and say that I am going to be so disappointed if at the end of all of this we find out we are on the actual medication. He's been doing great even with the blood draws. Not fun while it's happening but our little man pops right back after we get in the car and head home. Hayden is on a new kick where everyone is called Samuel (he has an uncle Samuel) but its because of 3rd and Bird that we are all now Samuel (but don't tell uncle Sam that). He is also calling Mike...well Mike. I'm still Mommy thank goodness or occasionally Mommy Tina or today I heard mommy Makris. They are teaching the kids their parents names at school. I am not sure Mike is liking this too much. We also had Hayden's IEP which went really well for the most part. What is it about an IEP that makes you feel like a complete failure as a parent. I mean a really big ole reminder of how much I have let things slip. Say it with me ladies MOM GUILT. I will just leave it at that.

Hayden with his uncle Samuel :)

We are back on the foster parent list to start receiving calls again. Big FAT nothing with that too...lots of calls but no matches. Well we got a match and baby girl but it didn't work out. I'm learning the hard way if they don't give you a date and a time don't assume it's final. This was pretty devastating to me for so many reason's. Then I immediately berated myself for getting so excited without a date and time. I mean didn't I learn anything from the first one? So we're back to waiting patiently...yeah right. Have I told you guys I am not the most patient person when it comes to waiting. Mike tells me I have the most amazing amount of patience just not when it comes to

Mike has been elected to the board of the National Fragile X Foundation. I could really go on and on about how proud I am of him....gush. I am a very blessed woman. I am married to the most amazing guy who is the love of my life and the most real man I have ever know. What more could I asked for? Well besides a purse and jean budget of course.


I think this is the same face I get when a eat chocolate. A little less messy but same face.


Amy Z. said...

I love you!!! I love your blog and your half naked sweet boy and your stylin' husband and your ability to be frank about the whole lot of no fun that life sometimes is. Come bat your eyelashes in Illinois, will ya, because this girl really wants to go shopping :-) and you are 100% cool- scarf or not, bag or not, jeans or not- it's all you and you are amazing.

Turtles Mom said...

Thanks Amy! I LOVE you too!! I cannot wait till I get to meet you my sweet X sister!