Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Snow and other Stuff

Wow - they said flurries today - but we probably got a couple inches. Didn't really stick to the cement - but the grass is pretty covered. Hayden has been fighting a cold for the past few weeks - so we didn't go outside and play in it.

Had our first parent-teacher conference last week. Everything seems to be going good - still have alot of work to do on his IEP goals. Hayden has become friends with a little girl in his class who missed a few days - and the teacher said he seemed to be looking for her during the week. It's really good that he's making friends and his social skills are really developing.

We've been pretty lax with the organic diet lately and have noticed a regression in his speech. So we were really dilligent the past week and have seen a noticeable improvement. We both need to be much stronger when it comes to making sure he eats organic. It really seems to help.

Tina and one of her friends in Fragile X of Michigan are having a fundraiser to raise money for the FX Conference in 2010. Take a look at the flyer in the Lia Sophia link in my favorites. Leave a message or send an email for more info. The event is Nov 22nd.

Speaking of fundraisers - we met a guy who owns a bar and does Texas Hold'em Fundraiser tournaments for non-profits. I think I am going to do one for FX - I'll post more info here when I know more - but it looks pretty cool.

Well - it's opening of deer rifle season - and while I didn't go up this weekend - I'll be heading up this Thursday nite. Wish me luck. Venison is for sure as organic as you can get. Know I can really say I'm hunting to feed my family.

Take care - God Bless.

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Leanne said...

Hi there - I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. We are also looing forward to the next conference. We've only been in the area once before. Hubby had a business trip that took him to Troy and I visited my old college roomie who was in Royal Oak at the time. It was a lovely area and we will look forward to visiting there again.
Sounds like your little guy is doing great in preschool! Nice to 'meet' you...