Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Speech to the Board of Education

Tonite - as my wife says - I made my first step into becoming active in local politics. Well not really - all I did was speak in front of our local Board of Education.

At the last meeting the President of the board said something I really didn't like - so at the meeting this evening I just got up and spoke about it. Nothing major - just letting them know who I am and talking about the comment. More than anything I think it made them know who I am and that I will be vocal about things - especially when it comes to my childs education.

No major new updates to report. Hayden has been feeling under the weather for what seems like 2 months. He was on the "yummy pink stuff" for a week and it seemed to help - but the runny nose is back and a cough now. The joy of 12 toddlers running around a class room all with passing germs to each other.

This time of year is always crazy with all the Christmas parties and family gatherings. I'm thinking Hawaii sound really good right about now !!

Probably wont have too many updates for a couple weeks because of the holidays - but I'll try and maybe post some Christmas pictures and stuff.

God Bless everyone - and have a great Christmas and New Years !!!

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