Monday, December 1, 2008


As if having a blog didn't make me cool enough - I'm now on Facebook! and so is my wife. So if you are too - look us up.

Always thought I was "too old" for Facebook! - but it's actually really cool. I've connected with alot of family and high school friends. There's also a Fragile X connection as part of the "my causes" application - so I thought that was cool.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving !! Only 24 shopping days till Christmas !!

God Bless


Umma said...

Facebook is, according to my oh so cool huband, the more grownup social networking site. Me, I'm only on MySpace (per request of my neices and nephews). There are a few Fragile X groups on Facebook too, reportedly. Maybe someday I'll be a cool kid too and sign up.

Paula Fasciano said...

haha...I thought the same thing....that I was too old for FB...I keep finding people I went to college and HS with, so you're cool too! :-)