Sunday, March 22, 2009

Harper Woods School District Planning To Cut All Special Education Programs

As you may have read from a previous post - this was the first year Harper Woods had an ECDD class. Well - they seem to think that it is a good idea to cancel all Special Education services in the district - which included ECDD, Categorical Classrooms, staff, etc. I'm thinking the Business Manager, Interim Superintendent (which they are on like their 3rd or 4th), and Board of Education are a bunch of idiots and are discriminating against our kids who have special needs. I've not heard of any other programs they want to cut to save money in the district.

If anyone has any good ideas on how to fight this - feel free to email me - I'm lookin' for a good fight !!

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Vicki Davis said...

I would call the local news station and try to get someone to have a story on it. If you can ralley a few other parents to join in, and get a sympathetic reporter, your on your way.