Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Outlaw Organic Farming Act

Family & Friends ~

I've recently heard about a bill in the House (HR875) and Senate (S425) called the Food Safety Modernization Act. As part of this bill, which is supported by the food chemical lobbyists, the use of fertilizers and pesticides will be required to "protect" all food - including organic food. Isn't that the reason many people choose organic food, because it doesn't have fertilizers and pesticides?

When we switched Hayden to organic food - we saw a change in him within weeks. We started getting more sounds and now he is starting to talk. Is it all because of organic - no - his teachers and the hard work Tina put's in is part as well - but we noticed a change in the beginning when we switched even before the intense therapy and we believe the organic food is helping the process further along.

So I urge you to contact your representatives in Congress and ask them to not support this bill. I fear that there is little opposition to this bill in Congress due to the current numbers, and is being led by the same party in power - and we've heard very little about this bill which they are trying to put through with little fanfare.

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