Saturday, August 6, 2011

The calm before the storm

Well here it is our license. We made it through classes, inspections, first aid, CPR, self defense, car seat safety, home study and final walk through. We did it in record time. Well we did it faster than most anyway. So now the waiting begins. Our calm before the storm.

At this moment I am calm. About 2 weeks ago I was in a complete panic. I sent Mike into the attic fully thinking I kept some of Hayden's baby clothes and necessities. When he brought down the 3 storage bins (only 3) there was a big fat NOTHING!! Ok I had a ton of blankets that I kept...oh great those are gonna be useful in TEXAS!!!! I did however keep 1 pair of jeans. When I pulled them out I instantly remembered why I kept that pair of jeans. They looked so darn cute on Hayden in his 3 month pictures. But did I keep a onsie, a sleeper, a pair of socks..NO, NO and NO. I did however keep my diaper bags...I have every intention on getting a new super cool style that they have out right now. So that's useless. I sent him back into the attic and made him look for my boppy. I know I didn't get rid of my boppy. How can I not have my boppy??? FULL BLOWN PANIC. Why on earth I was so freaked out about not having a boppy at that minute is beyond me. do not have any clothes for this baby. Oh but it will be comfy and cozy in a boppy. It will be naked but at least I will have a boppy darn it!!

Me: Mike what are we gonna do without a boppy? Mike: Tina we'll just buy a new boppy. Me: You don't understand they are like $40 now and I know I would not have given my boppy to anybody. Mike: Tina we can afford a $40 boppy it will be fine. Me: But Hayden loved that boppy. (I have at this moment just come the realization that I do not want a new boppy I want Hayden's boppy) Mike (with a complete exasperated face) It will be ok I promise. Do you want me to go and look again. Me: YES!! Boppy found in a bag labeled "Boppy" imagine that!

And this would be why I wanted Hayden's boppy...not some new $40 boppy with no history. My Hayden's boppy. Because he LOVED it!! You can't tell by the look on his face but he LOVED it!

FULL BLOWN PANIC. We have sleeper, no booties, no nothing!! So I do what I always do when I am in a panic and Mike keeps telling me it will be ok. I call my sister - Lisa to the rescue. She unlike me still has everything - sleepers, onsies, booties. Everything in all sizes!! All I have to do is bring a suitcase and fill it up when we go home.

I should tell you all that I have all the big stuff (crib, swing, high chair) but none of the little everyday stuff. So it's not like we are starting over from scratch. We just had none of the little stuff and I remember how much little stuff you need and how expensive it was going to be if we had to start over from scratch. Thank goodness I have an amazing sister and some great friends I now won't have too.

I'm a planner. I like to know what is going on, when it is going to happen and prepare before it happens. I don't have 9 months to prepare to buy and shop and plan. When you are pregnant you pretty much know at the end of 9 months you are going to have newborn! Well that couple in Texas that just had the 16 lb baby not so much. But for the most part its going to be a newborn and most new parents even know what they are going to have. Again complete planning... I like this. I however, have NO IDEA. Is it going to be a newborn or a 6 month old? Boy or girl? NO IDEA. So now all I can do is wait..I've planned and prepared as much as I possibly can. I will now enjoy the calm before the storm. That is until I have another panic attack..I'm a planner I know I will have another one.

Here's a funny story for you:
Up until this point Hayden has always said "yes" whenever we ask if he wants a baby to come to our house. Let me share another conversation with you: Me: Hayden do you want to be a big brother to a baby? Hayden: NO!! (he is even shaking his head for emphasis) Me: Why not? Hayden: Babies cry. (Have I told you all my child is a genius). What do I say to this? Yes babies do cry and ours might cry a lot! So we started reading books about being a big brother. He still says he doesn't want a baby. This has been stressing me out a little bit. Baby Ryley came to our house yesterday and I took her up to his room where he was playing and laid her on his bed and waited. Hayden looked at her and in the cutest voice I ever heard said "hi baby". My heart melted. He is going to be the BEST big brother ever. When I picked her up to come back down stairs he didn't want me to take her out of his room. He even held her and gave her a kiss! Sweetest thing EVER!
More evidence as to why I wanted this BOPPY! Just in case you needed it! Same Boppy as above only with a boy cover!

Oh I also still have that blanket!!

So we now enter the calm before the storm...the quiet before the madness...the starting point of what will eventually become the completeness of our family.

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