Thursday, March 15, 2012

Off And Running!!!!

Well today is day number 1 for Hayden on the STX-209 open label medication. We're off and running. We are so excited and so scared. I keep telling myself not to expect too much. Then I hear the stories of the kids who are on it and think Wow just Wow. Kids who were not speaking a word and are now speaking in sentences. A boy with so much social anxiety he couldn't talk to his peers at all just asked a girl to the prom!! Because. of. this. medication. How darn exciting is that. Now Hayden is on it and the sky is the limit. Yep I am going to expect too much but what an amazing feeling to have something tangible to reach for. I cannot wait to see what this does for Hayden. Not that he could be more awesome but wow I can't wait for his awesomeness to grow.

Our foster care situation has been dramaless. Which has kind of been nice. It's been slow and I'm getting very few calls. I don't know why it's slowed down and I haven't asked...yet.

Saturday is Hayden's birthday party. My baby is going to seven...SEVEN! Wow when did this happen? I thought I would try something a little different this year. I decided to ask Hayden for input on his party. It is his birthday after all. Imagine how surprised I was when he knew exactly what he wanted. EXACTLY. I can barely get him to tell me what he wants for breakfast let alone everything he wants at his birthday party. So this could mean one of two things. A) he is really starting to care about stuff like this -or- B) He thinks I stink at party planning. I'm going with (A). I would like to ask that everyone coming on Saturday keep in mind this entire party was planned by a SEVEN year old, right down to the kind of ice cream being served.

I had to pull out a pic of Hayden at four because I couldn't remember what his birthday theme was. It was bugs for anyone who might be wondering. I will say I made the cutest darn bug cupcakes. See cute right?

Public Service announcement:
I was standing in line at Target the other day and had a complete internal battle with myself. Please note that I said internal. The battle was about at what age is too old to have a word on the butt of your pants. I'm not taking about the name of your jeans but a full blown word. I have figured out the answer because I am a complete and utter genius. You are too old to have a word on you butt when the first thought in your mind after reading the word on someone else's butt is: "sister if your butt is juicy you need to seek medical attention cause that just aint right to have a juicy butt" Since this was my first thought I guess I am too old to have words on my butt. Besides what would my pants say: "Hey I like cupcakes don't judge" and that's just too much to have printed on a pair of pants anyway.


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