Friday, April 6, 2012

Try and keep up

Well a lot has happened since Hayden's birthday...try and keep up:

Hayden: The drug trial is going really well. They are seeing some big changes at school. We are seeing some changes at home. He is able to answer almost any question you ask him with an appropriate answer...HUGE!! Sometimes he needs a little prompting but for the most part he answers me. He. answers. me. Yay!!! We are holding steady at a pretty low dose. We tried to up the dose and that was not fun. My fun loving, easy going little man was anything but. So back down we went. One more exciting piece of information I think I can safely say Hayden will be meeting Juan Pablo Montoya!! Thank you to his Nannie for getting the ball rolling. Thank you to all of you who liked and shared the page. I really, really hope he gets to see the car!! Our people (daddy) got a call from his people (the PR department) saying that we are to meet them at the tunnel friday night. We really have no idea what is going to happen but we are hoping for something big. I cannot wait to see Hayden's face light up when we get to the track. If it's anything like it was in Vegas with no actual race cars we are going to need some tissues. Mike and I have already decided we are going to have to wear our sunglasses the whole time so nobody knows we are crying like babies.

We have a new cupcake - a pink one!! Wow is a pink cupcake different from a blue one. She is two and half and girlie, girlie, girlie. She likes dresses, and purses and her hair done and shoes. This little cupcake comes with a lot less risk than our last cupcake. There is still a small chance we won't get to keep her but it is a pretty small chance and we should find out sometime this summer. She has been through a pretty rough few years so we really hope we can keep her and make her feel safe and loved forever. She is so easy going and loveable. She fits right in!! She has a lot of sleeping issues that we need to work through right now. Please say a prayer for her that all of these go away and she can have peaceful nights.

So tomorrow we pack up and head out on another road trip. Thank goodness this one is only 5 hours. Meeting Juan Pablo Montoya on Friday, Hayden and Mike go to the race on Saturday while cupcake and I try to amuse ourselves in the hotel room. Then back home on Sunday. Hoping to get a little Greek Easter celebrating in. Since I did not go shopping for the proper Greek Easter dinner we will more than likely be eating take out. Maybe we can hit a Greek restaurant on the way home. "What do you mean you don't eat meat?" "Don't worry I make lamb". That was one of the only lines from My big fat Greek wedding I remember.

Oh one more piece of info.....I did it...we are now officially Texans. I took the kids pictures in the bluebonnets. I really wish I could post a picture of both of them because they came out so cute. This one of just Hayden will have to do. By the way he did not think posing in bluebonnets was manly at all! He had the "are you kidding me" look on his face the whole time.

Ok, so those of you who read my blog know how crazy this is to me. How people pull off to the side of the road and walk through who know what to get pictures in the bluebonnets. I totally cheated. Yep cause it would be my luck for one of my children to get attacked by fire ants or bit by a rattle snake. So yes I completely cheated. This particular patch of bluebonnets is in the parking lot at Hayden's school. Yep all nicely mowed around it. I completely searched the area for bugs and put down a blanket for the kids to sit on. Yep I am a yankee and my children were not harmed in taking of these pictures.

Stay tuned for updates from this weekend!



Amy Z. said...

so, so, so happy for you for so many reasons :-)

Rachelle said...

All of this is so exciting! And, even though I was born and raised here and never lived anywhere else, I guess I'm not a true Texan. I've never taken pictures in the bluebonnets nor have my children. But, you can guarantee that if I do, they will NOT be sitting on a blanket! Damn Yankees ;o)