Saturday, August 17, 2013

Makris Holiday Rooooaaaad trip...Part 2

Michigan will always be matter where we end up, how far away we travel,  Michigan will always be home.  It will always have a piece of my heart and little piece always breaks every time we leave.  Do I understand why we are here in Texas?  Absolutely, and deep down I know it is a blessing that we are here.  It was the best choice for our family.  All that said there is not a moment that goes by that I don't wish I could spend more time with family and friends in Michigan.  I must admit though I am not sure I ever want to do harsh winters again!  I do miss the mild summer's though.

We went home for "vacation" like we do every year.  I was a little nervous going home this year because I had no idea how Hayden would be.  He was off the medication and having a really difficult time with transitions.  It could have been a really ugly situation if he had a rough transistion to the craziness.  We do our best to try and keep things as normal and as routine as possible but it's hard to do.  When we got there He definitely needed his few minutes of quiet (which means sitting on my moms rocking chair and relaxing) but once that happened within minutes of his cousins arriving they were off and playing and never stopped.  One of the things that breaks my heart the most is knowing my kids may not grow up with their cousins.  That's one of the things both Mike and I had the luxury of doing and I always thought my kids would too.  I wonder though would they have as much fun if they saw each other all the time? 

My grandmother was diagnosed with alztimers this year and watching her decline has been so painful.  What an ugly disease that is.  My biggest fear is the day I go home and she has no idea who I am.  Luckily that wasn't this trip.  She may not remember that I moved away or the little things like that but she remembers me and she knows I was the first born grandchild.  We got to see all of our grandmother's this trip what a blessing that is. 

We had a so much fun.  We got to spend so much time with our family.  So many of our friends took time out to come and visit.  I would like to let everyone know that both Cynthia and Hayden  are wondering when our family will come and visit us....Just saying.   

 It's pretty cool when your aunt and uncle have a pool!

 This all started out pretty innocent and turned into one wild water fight

 Cynthia asked Nonnie to save her some snow and she did!  What do you do with snow in July?  You make a snowman of course!

Getting to hang out with Papa is always fun!

We got together to get family pictures taken.  Love that I have these memories preserved.

Ice Cream truck the kids thought this was pretty amazing!

We let a paper lantern go at GAC and GUS's.  Just like in Rapunzel!

Hanging out with more cousins and the kids first time on a slip and slide!

Grandma Alma and Aunt Kathie stopped by to visit.

As you can see we had a lot of fun and adventure packed into two weeks of vacation.  The kids keep asking when we are going back and why we can't see everyone all the time.  Thank you to everyone who took time out to come and see us.  We love you guys and we'll see you next year.  Only this time we arriving by plane!!!



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